Friday, May 14, 2010

A Cooking Class With Preschoolers

I headed downtown with Shane's preschool class to restaurant K. The kids were going for a little cooking class.

The kids were very excited to sit at their table and discover they each had their own water with a bendable straw. Oh the things that make a preschoolers day!

Chef Kristina gave the kids a tour around her kitchen.

The kids thought the huge refrigerator was pretty cool!

There were some food allergies that they had to be careful of so the cooking class was an all natural salad.

Chef Kristina showed the kids how to wash and tear their lettuce by hand for their salad. She talked about how big to tear the pieces.

Then it was the kids turn to tear their lettuce into bite size pieces.

She then demonstrated how to grate carrots and cut cucumbers. They were able try a hand at both for their salad.

And finally it was time to make the dressing.

The kids took some oil and vinegar and then were able to pick the spices they wanted in their dressing.

They then took their dressing and gave it a good shake.

Then it was time to pour the dressing on and taste the finished product.

It was one of my favorite preschool field


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