Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shane's Sweet Shoppe

Shane was very excited about his Sweet Shoppe! He was sure all his friends were going to like the candy! Shane had been at Papa and Grammy's for a couple days when Alexa had her Sweet Shoppe party so this was easy to pull together for me and he had no idea that his sister had a similar party days before. I just swapped out the pinks with reds and we were ready to go!

Everything was ready for Shane's friends, especially him!

I can't believe the birthday boy is 5 already! He is looking so grown up!

The cupcakes were made ....

and the candy shop was ready for business! The only thing we were missing was the friends!

Shane and his friend Ethan! I love the smiles on these two boys faces. They have sweetness written all over them, ok maybe trouble!

Shane and his buddy James were trying to pretend to lick the sucker. They were so funny together. I kept laughing so hard I couldn't get a picture taken!

Shane and James are like brothers so the picture posing quickly turned to hugs and kisses and finally James had enough lovin' from the birthday boy!

The boys made some airplanes out of candy as a little craft. They were so cute trying to get them all put together. The girls had fun being the big helpers!

The boys thought they were the greatest thing. They broke out their airplane noises and flew around the yard!

It was time for dinner. Shane's birthday party request was macaroni and cheese. My first thought was oh come on I want to make a cute little buffet of food like I did for Alexa's party. Then I remembered I have little boys who could care less what their food looks like. They would probably all be thrilled with macaroni and cheese and that they were!

A little boys party is so different than a little girls party! There was so much energy around that little table. Trying to get a picture was comical! Eric and I were watching them and listening to them from the deck. I looked at Eric and said, "Are we really adding another little boy to our family!" Of course we are thrilled about our new little addition but boys definitely take it up a notch in the energy department!
We had the boys do some races with gumballs and gummy worms on their spoons.

The water balloon toss was a huge hit!

Shane had fun opening his presents and his friends were just as excited about his new toys as him!

We got Shane a big remote control monster truck! I am sure this will keep him busy in the yard for hours!
Then it was time to sing! I love this picture of the boys! They really were so cute and had so much fun together.

And then it was time to make a wish and blow out the candles.

Shane's friend Jordan had his last baseball game that night but was able to get there just in time for cupcakes.

The boys were so excited to hear the news that Shane's Sweet Shoppe was open for business! They had fun filling their buckets with yummy treats!

Shane sent them home at night with a new toothbrush to brush off all those sweets.

Shane had such a fun night with his friends! When I tucked him in he asked if he could have another Sweet Shoppe party next year!


Shans said... sweet he loved his party you did for him so much he wants it again next year :) It is such a fun theme!!

Kathy said...

The party turned out great! I can't believe you pulled that together so quickly. I'm impressed. The boys were really cute--and yes, your next little boy will add exponential energy. There's something about two boys TOGETHER that just sparks a room! :) You will have a lot of fun. The boys all look so sweet and happy in the photos. Just knowing what goes on over here, I could just picture the silliness in the photos. I'm glad it all worked out and everyone had fun.

Carey said...

What a great idea! And it turned out so cute. Love it!

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