Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cousin Fun

The kid's cousins came to spend a day at Wild Water West with us. It is something they try to do every summer and everyone looks forward to it.

These two look like trouble don't they? The big girls call them the blonde twins. You will often find them hugging, giggling, telling secrets or just plain lovin' life!

The big girls thought they were pretty big this year. Alexa is now tall enough to go down the big slides by herself and do all the other things with out a parent so they had fun being able to do some big kid stuff this year.

This crooked smile is Mya's 2 year old look. All of her 2 years pictures had her crooked smile on it! She was loving the big freezer pop!

The big girls chose some icee's for their treat!

Shane decided a big cookie was his treat of the day!

It was a beautiful day and the kids had so much fun in the water together!

I love it when Shane wears his goggles on the kiddy slides! It never fails he always finds a way to make me smile!

There was fun on the lazy river, on the slides, in the wave pool, on the turtle and ...

under the umbrellas.

Here are those blonde twins again telling their little secrets!

Another great day of summer!


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