Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Girls On Stage

The girls took ballet for the first time this year and they loved it. They kept hearing about the big recital each week at dance as they practiced and perfected their dance. Then the costumes came out to be fitted which made them even more excited. It wasn't until they got to rehearsal that they finally got the picture of what a recital was going to be like. They were going to be in the big Orpheum Theater on the big stage. They were so excited but also had butterflies in their little tummies as they anticipated their time on stage.

The girls costumes and songs totally fit there personalities!

This picture was all the little ones in costume waiting patiently for the recital to start.

My last picture of Alexa and a kiss for good luck before I headed out to my seat in the audience.

Emma and her friends getting their jewelry on.

My cute little red robin ready to go!

Emma did such a great job. She said she was a little nervous and of course what she loved the most was her outfit. Do you blame her?

Emma during the curtain call with a big smile!

Alexa in her little maid costume for "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast.

I thought their costumes were darling. I love the fact that their dance studio recycles costumes from year to year so we just rent them instead of purchase them.

Alexa being the driven little one she is would get home at night after dance and practice all her moves. You could tell because she was on the entire routine.

Alexa said she had so much fun but she was shaking the whole time because she was nervous!

Alexa with a grin and sigh of relief during the curtain call.

The girls did such a great job and we were so proud of them. They were excited when they were handed flowers from dad after their performance. Papa and Grammy came to watch the big show so we headed to lunch with them to celebrate.


Andra said...

Ahhh! My little dancers! These pictures are beautiful...

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