Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend

I think every year when I get to the lake for the first time of the season it takes my breath away. It is a place that I feel God's presence as I take in his beauty all around. This year as I looked out over the lake for the first time the emotions of my grief hit once again. In the midst of trying to wrap my mind around God's plan in the death of my friend I was overwhelmed. Even though it makes no sense to me in my human little mind I am so thankful I can put my trust in a God who is powerful enough to part the sea, is able to know every piece of sand on our beach, created something with so much beauty, makes the sun rise and set, paints the sky with so much beauty every night and has a plan far bigger than I could ever begin to imagine. I am so thankful for visual reminders of God's presence in my life. I am thankful he holds me in his hand and covers me with his wings.

We had a wonderful 1st weekend at the lake.

The girls had so much fun with cousin Bailey. What a treat to be able to spend more time with her this summer. I would say she has some pull around the cabin.

Eric enjoyed a little nap as the sun shown in through the big picture windows.

Uncle Justin braved the freezing cold water with the kids. There isn't anything like the first swim of the season or so they say. I am ok sitting on the sidelines with the camera.

Oh burrrrr .... was Alexa's response after jumping in!

Shane was just going to get his feet wet.

Emma decides it is her turn to take the plunge.

My kids love their uncle. Whenever he is around you better believe there is fun to be had and a lot of giggles to be heard.

Shane decided to jump in but was quickly heading back to the dock.

Bailey even braved the cold water and was all smiles after the initial shock!

They all quickly retreated to the hot tub to warm up!

Uncle Justin is not always the best influence on my 3 little ones.

I love this picture of my girls!

Shane enjoyed his time digging in the sand and doing what little boys do best .... getting DIRTY!

Alexa is a frog and toad lover. She screamed with delight when she found her first toad of the season.

She gave it a push on the swing ...

and a ride down the slide.

Eric broke out the wave runner for its 1st spin of the season and the kids were happy to join him.

And of course a weekend at the lake isn't complete with out a big fire and s'mores to go with it.

God thanks for reveling your greatness through your creation but more specifically your paintings in the sky!


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