Saturday, June 19, 2010

11 Years Ago ...

11 years ago today I married my best friend. The last 11 years have been a journey but there is no one I would rather be on the journey with!

Eric had been out of town for the week and got home the morning of our anniversary! I decided to surprise him with massages in the afternoon. It was a perfect treat for him after traveling and for me after being home with the kids alone all week. We then headed to dinner at Restaurant K. It was the restaurant in a past post that Shane had gone on a field trip to. It is a quaint restaurant that is only open in the evenings on the weekend. They only have about 8-10 things on the menu but the menu changes every week depending on what they have in that is fresh and what the chef comes up with. This was our first time at the restaurant and the food was wonderful but the atmosphere was perfect for our evening. We had made reservations at 5 and basically had the restaurant to ourselves. While Eric was gone he had taken the last 11 years of our marriage and gone year by year recording all the highs and lows. One minute we had tears in our eyes and the next we would be laughing. It was so thoughtful of him to take the time to take a journey down memory lane. My favorite part was recognizing God's hand in our life over the last 11 years. We were able to see the joy and celebration in the highs of life but the trials and tough times were the times that strengthened us as individuals, strengthened our faith and drew us together as one. I am so thankful for God's providence in our life and in our marriage over the past 11 years.


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