Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Special Day Shared

The weekend of Father's Day usually ends up to be a little crazy at our house. With our anniversary and Alexa's birthday around that time in June you never know what is going to fall on Father's Day. This year Alexa and Eric shared their special day.

Eric always takes the kids out for breakfast on their birthday. Since it was Sunday Alexa jumped out of bed at 6:30 to head to breakfast before church. She is my sleeper so you know she is excited when she actually jumps out of bed that early! So off they went to the House of Pancakes!

Alexa then requested to have her and Eric make her favorite pasta together. It was a recipe that Eric made up. I felt bad that Eric was cooking dinner on Father's Day but he said he didn't mind. He and Alexa had fun in the kitchen on their special day!

We pulled out the "You Are Special Plate!"

Alexa was so excited about her spinach pasta with chicken and mushrooms!

Then it was time to open a couple gifts!

She was really excited about her headbands. Who knew those little things would bring so much excitement!

Then it was time to celebrate Daddy! The kids had picked out a card that plays music. They couldn't wait for him to open it.

They were really excited about giving dad his fire pit. Alexa had it planned all day that we would give it to dad and then we would make s'mores for her birthday dessert. What a perfect way to end a special day!

So the fire was lit and the roasting began. As the marshmallows were roasting they started turning black. Eric decided to pull out the package of wood I had picked up. Right on the directions it said "Don't cook food over this wood!" Hmmmm no wonder the marshmallows were looking a little toxic.

Plan 2 - Throw the s'mores in the microwave and you still get a ooey, gooey, yummy mess!


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