Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shane's 5th Birthday

We were at the Lake on Shane's big day! The morning started like most birthday morning at our house with Shane heading out the door for breakfast with daddy! To say he was excited was an understatement!

Shane had a great day swimming in the lake, swinging on the swing set, digging in the sand, chilling in the hot tub and taking care of his little birds. The kids found these little birds and Shane informed everyone that it was his birthday and he was the daddy! My favorite part of the afternoon was when he jumped in the hammock with me and took a little snooze. My birthday boy still loves to cuddle with his mom!

Shane got a slip n slide from his cousins that he was super excited about!

And then it was time for some singing, making a wish and eating some cake.

As we were eating cake a huge storm began to blow in. The kids were a little nervous and dark clouds filled the sky and the storm began to blow across the lake. Then things got crazy! The sirens went off which happen to be right by our cabin. Needless to say we had 5 out of the 6 kids crying or screaming for that matter. Later we found out it went off as a flood warning rather than a tornado. It took a bit for the kids to shake the nerves and for everyone to calm down before bed. The girls kept saying to Shane, "This was not a good birthday was it?" Oh the memories on Shane's 5th birthday!


Kathy said...

I'm loving Shane's hair! He looks so cute! We call that "fancy" hair in our house and my boys will have nothing to do with it. Shane looks adorable. And what a way to end the night w/a storm and sirens! The poor little ones. Things like that are so scary when you're a child. What a memorable day!

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