Monday, December 6, 2010

Cozy December Nights

I love books, any kind of books but one of my greatest weaknesses is Children Books. I read to the kids from the time they were little hoping to instill the love of reading into their little lives. One of my favorite things during December is pulling our stack of Christmas books off the shelf and spending our evenings on the couch, cuddled together and reading our favorite books.
We gave the kids their Christmas pajamas so they could wear them all month. They put their pajama's on and snuggled in for some good books.

The girls love that they can read the Christmas books. Alexa is starting off the evening tonight.
I asked the kids their favorite picks of the 2010 Christmas season.

Emma picked My Penguin Osbert.

Shane's is the Gingerbread Baby and ...

Alexa picked the Nutcracker.

Every year the kids love to see what books we add to our collection. It is getting harder to find books but this year we added two keepers. The first was Humphrey's First Christmas.

Humphrey is a funny camel. The kids loved all his funny faces.

The illustrations in this book are amazing and the story is precious.

The Gift Of The Christmas Cookie is the other addition to our collection. If you have a tradition of making Christmas cookies this is a wonderful book that share's the story of how the tradition of making Christmas cookies started.


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