Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I love the Christmas season. There are so many fun activities and traditions that we have started with the kids. It is fun to see their anticipation of the things we usually do in December. I love seeing things through their sweet innocent eyes.

The kids couldn't wait to get the trees up and pull the ornaments out to decorate the trees. As we were pulling the Christmas tubs out of storage there was quite the buzz of the ornaments that they were looking forward to seeing. I love watching their little fingers placing their ornaments in just the right place.

Shane had fun looking at all the ornaments and trying to figure out which ones were his daddy's from when he was a little boy. He also talked about how much Max was going to like their tree next Christmas and he would show him how to put the ornaments on the tree.

The girls were excited to pull out their very pink tree and put it in just the right place in their room.

They carefully strung their candy garland and placed their girly ornaments in just the right places.

I love this picture of the girls putting their star right on top!

Then it was time to decorate the big tree. Eric's mom and my mom gave us ornaments each year growing up. They have also given our kids ornaments so we have a tree full. It is fun to bring out all the special ornaments and share memories. The kids had so much fun digging through the box and finding their ornaments. There are ones they have been given and made. What sweet memories.

They carefully placed the ornaments on the tree.

Oh to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. There is such excitement, joy and wonder and the month is just beginning.

The kids then opened their ornaments for the year.

I saw this and thought of Alexa. She loved ballet this year and approached it with such dedication and grace.

These little slippers were perfect for Emma. It too was her first year of ballet and she also loved it. She was all about the outfit and slippers so these cute little ballet slippers were perfect for her.

I saw this snowman with hot cocoa and though of Shane. He LOVES going out in the snow but loves hot cocoa more. There are many mornings after we drop the girls off at school that him and I cuddle on the couch. Me with my coffee in hand and he with his hot cocoa. I will have sweet memories of my time with Shane this year as we enjoyed our quiet mornings with our favorite drinks.
And of course we have an ornament for Max too. I saw this cute little ornament and thought it was perfect for Max. The world symbolizes our sweet Max that is waiting for us half way around the world and the JOY that this journey has brought to our family. We can't wait to have 4 little ones together just like the 4 in the basket. There are 2 boys and 2 girls.

We finished off the night decorating the "fancy" tree. At least that is what the kids call it!

I can't wait to experience more of the season through the eyes of my 3 little blessings.


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