Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Museum Of Visual Arts

I was able to go with Shane's class on his field trip to the Museum of Visual Material.  Have you ever been somewhere and wondered how in the world did I miss this place?  Well this was one of those places.  I feel like I have been to or heard of the kid friendly, fun places in Sioux Falls but somehow I missed this fun little place. 

They had a variety of activities set up for the kids to do when we arrived.  Everything they use is recyclable products.  First on the agenda was making a Christmas card.  

There were so many fun items for the kids to pick from as they let their creativity run wild.  

I loved watching Shane at work creating his cute little card. 

Next up was beads thread on a pipe cleaner to make a candy cane.

A highlight of the afternoon was the cookie decorating station. 

Especially when they got to eat their masterpiece! 

I love Shane's face as he is concentrating so hard on getting his snowman finished.  The snowman was a recycled CD painted white. 

Shane was proud of his finished product.

The last station was making a snowflake.

They finished with a little playtime.  Shane thought the tee pee was pretty cool! The place was amazing and they did such an amazing job making us feel welcome and provide fun activities for the kids to participate again! We can't wait to go back. 


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