Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Program

The kids were so excited for their Christmas program.  They were all excited to dress up in their costumes and perform their little hearts out.

Shane and his buddy James were two of the cutest shepherds on stage. 

The little shepherd boy with his two little angels. 

Alexa was a bit nervous but also very excited to sing in a quartet for one of the songs.

Emma sang her little heart out with a smile on her face! 

The girls were on stage the whole time and Shane had to join them on for the last couple songs.  As his time to shine drew near I looked next to me to tell him it was almost his turn to go up and he was sound asleep! Good thing he wakes up fast and happy! 

He got up there and sang his little heart out actions and all! 

I love his face on this picture! This little boy loves life! 


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