Saturday, January 14, 2012

Date Night Swap

We have a fun little arrangement with some good friends.  We do a date night swap once a month.  It works out great! The kids love it and so do the adults.  We each get a date once a month. The couple that watches the kids provides dinner. 

Then they give baths ....

and everyone ends gets their PJ's on. 

They have their bed time snack. 

The rest of the evening is spent playing.

The big girls, Samantha and Max were into playing doctor.

Love those big brown eyes!

The boys were watching the movie "Cars" and were actually pretending to be one of the characters so would act out their part when they were on the screen.

Sam decided to take over and check out Max's tummy!

Oh seriously ... these two are just two cute together and do anything for those big girls. 

They decided to take things in to their own hands!

Max decided to give Emma a few shots!

Max and Sam ended up in the kitchen! 

It really does go great when we watch the crew.  When we are the ones who get to go out it is nice to come home to kids bathed and ready for bed. It is a win for everyone! 


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