Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Sleepover With Friends = FUN

We had our first big sleep over where each of the kids had a friend sleep over.  

We had a house full but it was fun! 

The kids' friends are so good with Max and love him to pieces.  I am pretty sure by the look on his face the feeling is mutual. 

Oh boys and girls are so difference.  The girls were playing school and games while the boys were sliding down the steps as fast as they could on their knees. 

And I wonder why there are always holes in this boys knees.  Does it look like they are having fun or what? 

These two were busy making up songs  ...

and playing house. 

The kids love to play the game Spot It! It is a new family favorite and became a favorite of their friends too!

These two are quite the pair.  They have been best friends since 1st grade.  They have so much fun together and they just couldn't stop giggling. 

These two took a turn next and had big smiles too!

The boys took a break from zooming down the steps and started building some towers ...

and then spent a little time on the ipad before bed.  

I told Eric it really felt pretty easy.  He responded with don't get any ideas about having 7 kids :)! It was so fun to see the kids in their own environment with their friends.  They really have great friends who come from amazing Christian families.  We feel so blessed that they have developed these special friendships so early.  There wasn't a mean thing done or said, they included everyone, were kind to each other and had a BLAST!


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