Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Loving Life At Homedome

We didn't have anything on our agenda the week after Christmas.  We were all looking forward to a little down time, no schedule, time together and sleeping in! 

I asked the kids numerous times if they wanted to go anywhere or do anything over their break.  There was a resounding "no!" They just wanted to stay home and play! 

I couldn't ask for anything more! I loved seeing them all play so well together in 7 days they never really got sick of each other.  I know someday they will want to call friends and be on the go but for now we are going to embrace the fact that they love playing together and are very content to be home for 7 days straight! 

There was a lot of lego building go on over the week.

They also had fun playing with the new race tracks.

There was a lot of joy coming out of this little boy.  He loved having his siblings home!

There was snuggling ...

and dressing like a Super Hero! 

We played Cat's Cradle ...

and had Beyblade wars!

There was plenty of time to relax and we enjoyed snuggling on the couch and watch some movies! 
Who needs a chair when you have a bowl?

There were a lot of creations made out of the Keva Planks. 

There were a lot of different large GeoTrax made and remade.  Max was in train heaven having his siblings building new tracks for him all the time! I love this picture of all of them busy together.

Max did his fair share of dressing up and playing house or puppies.  His puppy name is Blueberry.  Sometimes he answers to that better than his old name.  So if you hear me calling him Blueberry you know why!

There was block building ....

and lots of arts in crafts in PJ's. 

We had such a great relaxing week off! It is going to be hard to get back in the groove of school.  Max and I are going to miss have the other 3 here with us! 


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