Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

The local Chinese Community puts on a large Chinese New Celebration in our time.  We had received an invitation to come to the celebration.  We went with our good friends who have also adopted from China.  There were numerous other adoptive families as well.

It was a family style pot luck and were advised to take pizza or pasta salad rather than Chinese food.  The Chinese woman who emailed my friend advised us to let them take care of making the Chinese food.  I thought that was pretty cute! We all enjoyed the various Chinese and American food! 

These two are quite the pair and thought they would get serious when I took their picture! 

Shane enjoying a brownie.

Miss Samantha enjoying her night out!

The girls had fun putting on their Chinese silks.

Max hanging out with his buddy Jarrod!

Max went through his fair share of oranges!

Then it was time for the entertainment. The Dancing Dragon was a huge hit with the kids.

Some of the kids from the Chinese school sang some songs and recited some poems.

There was sword fighting ....

and Tai Chi.

It local Chinese community was so welcoming.  It was fun to be able to experience this with our family. I know it is something we will look forward to in the years to come.


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