Monday, January 23, 2012

Shane's Self Portraits

Shane loves school and loves his teachers.  Emma also had Mrs. Wynja and it is so fun to look forward to Shane bringing  home some of the things that meant so much to Emma too. 

One of those very special days in kindergarten is when your name gets picked out of a jar and everyone gets to draw portraits of you. When they are learning their letters and sound they have certain items they learn to draw that go with the letters.  I love seeing these drawings come home.  They learn how to draw people the real way verses stick people and the same thing for various animals and other items.  

Shane was beaming as he laid out all the portraits of himself that his classmates had drawn.

This was his masterpiece of himself.  Oh the things that can make our little ones love tanks full. It is as simple as having their name drawn out of a jar and pictures drawn of themselves by their classmates.  It makes me want to do more little things out of the ordinary to fill those little love tanks when I saw just how special Shane felt today!


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