Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Double Digits

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I can't believe that my girl has hit the double digits!
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 Alexa found a "Beach Party" in a book she had and decided that would be the theme of her 10th birthday party. She decided she just wanted to invite her two best friends and make it a 24 hour day of fun. Before we went to pick up Alexa's friends we set the table. Alexa and I had fun on a shopping date and preparing her table for her friends.


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We started the day at the local water park to enjoy some fun in the water and the sun!
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When we got home the girls showered up and started on some of the crafts that Alexa had come up with for her party. The first was beading a "beachy" looking necklace.

Alexa has such a special bond with these two girls and it has been so much fun seeing their friendship grow this past year.

The also are so sweet to Emma and included her in the fun!


The table was set .....


and dinner was ready! Alexa wanted to have food that was "beachy" too! So we brainstormed some ideas and this what we came up with together! 


After dinner the girls made a "beach in a box." Alexa saw this fun idea in a book she had and this is where her Beach Party idea took off! The girls had fun putting together their own little beaches.

The girls played outside and waited patiently for the sprinklers on the golf course to come on.  They finally decided after waiting and waiting to come in for some cupcakes.  As I told Alexa to wait so I could grab the candle and sing she informed me she didn't really need a candle.  Oh my heart about sank ... is she really too old for a birthday candle :(! My little girl is growing up.  Their faces say it all.  These girls know how to have fun! 


They were in the middle of eating their cupcakes and I heard screaming ... they dropped their cupcakes and headed out the door! 

The long awaited sprinklers were on.  They danced, screamed and giggled their hearts out! 

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They came in and showered again and got ready for bed.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the birthday girl curled up in bed with her friends.  They slept side by side the long way in a queen bed.  As I was tucking them in and saying prayers they were talking about their classes for the next school year.  They are all hoping to be in the same class. One of Alexa's friends said, "I just don't want to drift apart!"  


We had a chance to talk about how special their friendship was and that God knows and has a plan.  When Alexa and I were out shopping she saw these little frames and wanted to put a verse in them for her friends. We used it as part of a devotion during dinner and so we continued to talk about how God knows their thoughts and knows their worries.  He also has blessed them with a special friendship and even in they aren't in the same classroom their friendship can continue to grow.  We also talked about how he may want them to grow in new ways and meet new friends this year too!  What a special way to end the day with my birthday girl and her friends.  She is growing up way too fast but I am getting glimpses of the sweetness of this new stage we are moving in to! 

            It seems like it was yesterday that we were anxiously anticipating her arrival and when she arrived it was love at first sight. She gave us the gift of being parents for the first time and has paved the way for her siblings. On one hand I am sad that time is flying and my baby is growing up and on the other hand I love seeing her grow into a beautiful girl on the inside and out. I am so proud of the girl she is becoming and the drive she has in life. She is an amazing big sister and embraces being the oldest with every ounce of her. It has been so much fun to sit down and have "big girl" conversations with her and see her heart for Jesus grow this year. I can't wait to see the way she grows and blossoms this next year!


Teri said...

Oh what a very fun party!!!! Love these photos and the friendship in them! I love the beach party theme:)

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