Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Seeing God's Creation With New Eyes

flowers in wagon

I just wrapped up an 8 week photography class with the very talented photographer and teacher Lisa from The Long Road To China.  The class was entitled "Push Past Your Comfort Zone."  Push is exactly what Lisa did.  She pushed me from being a Auto girl to being a complete Manual girl in a pervious class and then pushed me even further than I could have imagined.  Lisa pours 110% into her classes. She has an amazing gift.

pink flower

I feel very blessed to have learned from Lisa but also to have connected with some amazing women. There were women with amazing talent and beautiful hearts in my class.  Many women in my class have adopted from China and have been so amazing and supportive on our final push of paperwork and then celebrated with us on our referral of our precious Ellie.


 The thing I love most about this new passion I have for photography and capturing life from behind my lens is the new eyes I have.  I have new eyes for God's creation.  There is so much beauty all around me that I take for granted and walk by daily.


They are lines ...

red art

 textures ...


 heights ....
colored leaves

color ....


 amazing details ....


beauty all around me.


There are so many little details about my kids that I love capturing.  There are freckles, eyes, fingers, toes, expressions and emotions ... beauty in every ounce of them.  God's handprints all over them ... created in His image yet unique in their own way.

straight up flowers

I feel blessed to have new eyes and a new passion for seeing and capturing the details of God's creation all around me.

flower in cork pot

I can't wait to keep learning, practicing and seeing God's beauty around me with new eyes through my lens. 


red flower

...the heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.
Psalm 19:1


Teri said...

It was an amazing eight weeks! I miss it! Your photos are amazing!!!!!

Have a great day! Teri

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