Monday, June 4, 2012

An Outing With Fred

I am playing catch up on my blog a bit! A couple weeks ago I took Max out for a photo shoot for my photography class with Lisa from Long Road To China.  Our assignment was do do a posed and/or lifestyle shoot.  If you have met Max you know that this little bundle of energy is nearly impossible to pose and have him stay in that spot for more than a second which makes it nearly impossible to take a posed shot of him unless there is a distraction life food or something.  We were geared up to give it a try though.

A couple months ago when we were moving we came across Fred. Fred is Eric's childhood teddy bear.  Max took to Fred instantly and started calling him Teddy.  I thought it would be fun to take Max and Teddy/Fred out for a little photo shoot!


Max was bit bothered by his dirty feet after we were settled. He kept picking them up and looking at them.

bear feet -blog

He started by playing with Teddy ....


and in no time Teddy was doing flips!

bear focus-blog

It was then of course snack time, actually snack time seemed to be frequent with the hopes of trying to keep Max is one place.

max reading -blog

Then it was time to read Teddy some books!

bear reading close -blog

I love everything this picture represents.


max looking at water -blog

Just a little break to take it all in!

max smiling-blog

This little man of ours has so much personality and we daily see it oozing out of him!

max looking -blog

I love the way those big brown eyes speak!


What a great outing withTeddy and Max!

Ni Hao Yall

I am linking up to Sunday Snapshots today! Head over there to see more snapshots!

I used my Canon 60D and my 50 mm lens
My ISO was 100 and f stop and shutter were all over the place! 


Stefanie said...

What a fun photoshoot! Love the book and the bear as props... absolutely adorable with your little guy as the star :)

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