Monday, June 18, 2012

Strawberry Picking

One lazy summer evening I decided to google "strawberry patches." I wondered if there was one in the area. I thought it would be fun to take the kids strawberry picking. Wouldn't you know there was a new strawberry patch just 20 minutes from our house and they were open for picking.
  Max 1968 -blog

The kids had never been strawberry picking before. This picture pretty sums up how Max felt about his first trip to the strawberry patch. The other kids echoed Max's sentiments toward the strawberry patch. They thought it was so much fun, where grinning from ear to ear on the tractor ride and ate their fair share of fresh red strawberries. I am pretty sure the red fingers, red shirt and red face are a dead give away ... Max loved strawberry picking.

Emma - 1968-blog

Emma went right to work eager to fill her bucket. 

Max - eating strawberries -blog

Max also went right to work ... but instead decided to eat each strawberry he picked. 

Shane and Max - blog

Max watched over Shane's shoulder to see how it is all done !

Max close up eating -blog

He too the cue that all those red strawberries were fare game.

 Alexa - blog

The girls worked hard but also ate their fair share of berries.

picking-clean edit and add ons-blog

The girls were trying to show Max how it is done.  It looks like they couldn't resist those bright red strawberries either.


Every time we turned around Max had a strawberry in or near his mouth. The farmer who owns the field told the kids they were safe to eat and they could each as much a they want but had to stop when they reached their body weight.

girls -1968-blog

The girls went right to work and were more than excited to fill their buckets.


Shane decided to take a little break and wait for the tractor. 

Emma -cropped - blog

Emma was busy trying to get those last minute strawberries in the bucket before it was time to head back. 

tractor - blog

 The kids loved hoping on the tractor for a ride out to the patch and back to the van.
  berries -blog

We had a couple yummy buckets of strawberries to take home.
  Max crying - blog

This picture pretty sums of how Max felt about having to get off the tractor and leaving the strawberry patch behind.

Ni Hao Yall

I am linking up to Stephanie's Sunday Snapshots this week. As I fall more and more in love with hobby of photography I love taking in others work especially when they share their work so generously. Head on over to Stephanie's blog to see some amazing photographs. I used a Canon 60D camera, my 50 mm lens at various settings and a little bit of Florabella 1968.


Stefanie said...

Oh goodness, what an adorable little tractor driver he is!
And what a beautiful family you have :) So glad you linked up your Sunday Snapshot this week!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family! And LOVE the girls' outfits and hair.:).

Kate said...

Well...gosh...I loved the lead photo...but I loved the whole series even more! You have a beautiful family!!!

(and so we wait)

Carey said...

Fun times and fun memories! A new yearly tradition maybe?

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