Monday, June 11, 2012

Dance Recital Time

The girls have loved dance again this year.  In the past they have been in different classes so this year they thought it was pretty fun to be in the same class.  The often were practicing their routine and dancing around the house or the yard.

make up collage

They were very excited for the big Recital.  They always have a few nervous jitters being on stage but love anticipating the big day.  There is always a buzz in the air backstage as everyone is getting ready.  

girls waiting-blog 

When everyone is ready they all wait patiently for the big event. They play games, watch movies, color, read books or just chat with their dance friends. 

grammy collage

The grammy's snuck backstage for hugs before the girls were on stage.

alexa face

My brown eyed girl! 

Emma face

Miss Emma blue eyes! 

girls pose-blog

Their personalities shine through when they dance.  Alexa is a very serious dancer and Emma just can't wipe that smile off her face!

alexa pose - blog

They had a wonderful teacher this year and learned so much!

Emma posed-blog

I am not sure if dance is something they will continue but they have loved their experience and we will continue to support them and let them grown and blossom in the opportunities they have in front of them. 

girls feet-blog

I love watching their feet move beneath their skirts.


The joy in their faces say it all ...  sisters .....

girls flower-blog

 but also best friends! 


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