Monday, May 14, 2012

At The Beach

The kids had so much fun on the beach. They didn't mind at all when I asked them to head to the beach two nights after dinner to get some pictures. It was a picture perfect back drop to capture pictures of fun memories and also use them for my assignment for my photography class. I felt a little bit like I was cheating this week with all the beauty I had the opportunity to capture through my lens. I took some posed pictures on the beach but also go a lot of fun pictures of them soaking it all up!

kids on beach- rosy cream-facebook


beach 1

kids in sand - lifestyle

kids beach-facebook

girls - negative space, perspective



girls skirts-negative space

beach 3

sunset -leading line

I will always treasure these pictures of the kids time on the beach and also being able to have fun playing around with a hobby I am having so much fun with! 


ji said...

Amazing pictures!! YOu have such a precious family and congrats on your newest journey!! Gave me the chills! :)

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