Thursday, May 24, 2012

School Is Out

It feels like yesterday I was taking a picture of Eric and the kids heading to breakfast before their first day of school. I can't believe how fast the year flew by. It was a year full of fun, growth and 
tremendous blessings. 


As Eric and the kids left for breakfast and I sat down to write their teachers notes I got all teary. I feel so blessed that each of the kids were truly blessed with amazing teachers this year. They were a perfect fit for each of their personalities. If you remember back to the first day of school post


Alexa was in tears and totally stressed out on her way into school her first day. It usually takes her a month or so to settle in and let her nerves calm down. It is hard on this mom's heart to watch and yet I know God is working on both of us and growing us in the process. This year was amazing. Within a day Alexa's little heart, mind and soul was at a very peaceful place. I didn't seeing an anxiety or stress rise up once in her the whole year which is absolutely amazing. I attribute it to her amazing teacher. She has an amazing gift in how she handles her classroom, how she teaches and her sweet, gentle spirit.
  alexa wall-blog

Alexa grew in so many areas this year and her confidence soared through the roof in so many subjects. She turned into a complete book worm . Her heart and compassion for others struggling her classroom was an area her teacher said she also stepped up to the plate. She was quick to recognize when others were anxious or needed help and found a way to gently come along side of them. I just can't believe she is going to be a 4th grader. This was the first year she really voiced being sad about school being out because she was going to miss her friends. Alexa has been given the gift of a couple very special friends and it was so fun to see their friendship grow and move to a new level this year.


 It wasn't uncommon for them to make things for each other and give each other notes of encouragement. One of her friends often made little bookmarks with verses on them. I pray their friendship and love for the Lord continues to grow in the years to come. 


 Emma went through her 2nd grade year in true Emma style. She loved everything about school and embraced it head on. She had two teachers this year that job shared. They were a perfect fit for her and each of them brought out something different in her. I saw her heart for the Lord grow this year in a new way. The excitement she had for the Bible and new nuggets of information in stories she heard over and over again. Emma felt like it was a great year as she gained confidence in her Math and Reading. Her very favorite part of 2nd grade was studying the human body.Over and over we heard from her teachers that she had a huge heart and just loves life. Emma has always had a large group of girls she plays with but this year she had a couple that became her best friends. It has been fun to see those relationships blossom this year.

Shane had a great year too. It started out a little rocky with a few time outs as he was figuring life out as a kindergartner. He had an amazing teacher that was gentle and loving and yet ran a tight ship so Shane knew exactly where the lines were.


 It was amazing to watch him grow and blossom this year. He matured so much in his self control and ability to focus and finish. He is a true boy who loves to wiggle, talk, poke his neighbor ... so watching him work through all that and come to a place where he knew what was expected and see him handle it was fun to see. 

Shane wall

 I think Kindergarten is the most amazing year as they go from hardly knowing their letter to reading. They go from learning numbers to adding and telling time. They go from just figuring how to write all their letters correctly to writing words and complete sentences. They go from looking so little to losing teeth and looking all grown up! I am so proud of Shane and the way he grew socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually this year. It was a big year for him and he is ready for 1st grade. I am just not sure I am.
  shane's picture

The kids had their final chapel of the year that I got to go to and then when school was out at noon we said our good byes to friends and teachers for the summer. I love summer and was so looking forward to it but as I hugged teachers goodbye and told them thanks for all they did for my kids I got pretty teary! I feel so blessed that God gave them all such amazing teachers. There were precious memories made this year and each of them had an impact on my kids in a very special way. The big kids and I headed out for a special celebratory lunch. Later we got home and I had a fun little idea pop in my head.
  school is out

If you know me you know I love to throw a party so I thought why not have a "School Is Out" party.
  food collage

We made a quick run to Target and I made some sneaky purchases and while the kids played outside I pulled a quick little party together. Thank goodness for people who make darling printables and post them for free on line ... these printables made things pretty easy.

  table collage

We had a fun evening of celebrating a great year and we are looking forward to a fun summer!


Kathy said...

I love this!!! So, so cute!! What fun to read about the kids and how they grew over the course of the year. I agree, Kindergarten is so amazing in that way. Your summer is certainly off to a GREAT start with your referral ~ I think it's going to be a great summer! :)

Teri said...

I love this idea! How creative you are!

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