Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Fun Day In Kindergarten

Shane had a fun field trip to the Butterfly House for his final field trip of the year. He was very excited for a trip to see butterflies then lunch and playtime at the park. 


 The kids started in a room as someone shared about butterflies. The kids also got to pet the taranchula, Lucy.

aquarium collage
  They also just added an aquarium area at the Butterfly House which was fun for the kids. Shane's favorite fish were the ones that would pick up sand with their mouth and then spit it back out.

We then moved to the Butterfly House and saw hundreds of beautiful butterflies.

Shane really wanted a butterfly to land on him so found places to sit and wait patiently for them to land.

 He waited ...

and waited!


 Finally he got one to land on his shoe lace!
  butterfly collage

The kids had so much fun!

We then headed to the park for a picnic and time to play. Shane's teacher gathered all the kids and the kids were sad to be heading back to school. Little did they know what was to come. 


Shane's teacher started reading the book "My Teacher Sleeps In School." When she was to the last page she said it was now time for a Mystery Field Trip. There was a big buzz in our car as the kids were trying to figure out where we were going. We ended up at their teacher's house for the afternoon. The kids got a tour of her house and yard, snack time, they did Bible time and center time. It was a very fun surprise for the kids.


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