Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Day To Reflect On The Blessing Of Being A Mom

I have to admit that Mother's Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  While this year is no exception of being treated like a queen with coffee in bed, a gourmet brunch made by my husband, church as a family, special gifts and cards made with so much heart and soul by the kids, a scavenger hunt with a very special gift at the end and even a date with my hubby that is not why this is my favorite day.   Although it feels great to be doted on a little Mother's Day is a day that celebrates my greatest love and passion in life ... being a mom.  Being a mom is a gift, it is a privilege, it is what I feel like God has called me to pour my heart and soul in to.

mother's day
And while I count it a huge privilege it also comes with a heavy responsibility.  It is not all fun and games or always a bed of roses.  There are those days that I am just plain tired or maybe even completely exhausted.  There are days that I would like to have a sick day or mental health day.  There are days that I want to throw up my hands and say this training of these little hearts, minds and souls is exhausting.  There are days I wish I could express myself just like my 2 year old when he says he is done!


Yet when I look at the faces of my four little blessings all of those things fade away.  The finger prints I see all over the house represent so much more than more housework for me but little fingers that I love watching fold as they pray and grow in their faith. Those little fingers feel at home as they rest in my my hand and around my neck for a hug.  They are fingers that are full of life and creativity.


The socks that I dread folding and often are found in a big pile in my laundry basket cover the feet of my precious little ones.  I know someday I will wish I had piles of socks to fold. I will wish I could see those little footprints in the mud and then on my kitchen floor.  I love seeing where these little feet go and all the things they discover. I love watching all they have a will experience in life.  God has blessed me with these little feet to help guide and lead and what a huge privilege that is.


An old English Proverb says "the eyes are the window to the soul!" When I look into each of my little ones eyes and take the time to really look their little eyes speak directly to me.  I can see when they are full of excitement or hurting.  I can see when they are nervous or anxious.  I can see when they are feeling loved and treasured or when they just need affirmation and need me to tell them how much I love them.   I know I so often miss the boat on this one.  I know there are so many days that we are busy and hurrying through life and I don't take time to get down on my knees and look in their eyes to see into their soul.  I don't take the time to let them tell me what their little souls are feeling deep down in those hidden cracks.  I pray this is an area I can grow in truly slow down and look deep into their little eyes.


Their little hearts are a precious piece of them that God has given me to watch grow and mature.  I am often in awe as I see and experience the growth I see in their little hearts.  I see their hearts growing in their love for Christ, each other and others around them.  I see them worrying about and asking questions about little ones around the world that don't have a mom or dad or a place to call home.  I see them becoming aware of people around them who are hurting or in need. I see their little hearts being broken and growing for the things of God.  Yet I see the selfishness and sin that rears its ugly head in all of us surface and I often feel inadequate.  Those are the times I feel like this job is huge, like I am missing the boat.  The times I don't have words or the times I am busy with my own agenda and it had a huge affect on them.  These are the times that I am humbled and I cry out to God and ask him to continue to refine me.  These are the times that I am reminded that I have a huge responsibility with these precious blessings and yet God doesn't ask me to do it own my own.  I am so thankful that I have his guidance and have the peace that the places I am weak he will make me strong.  I am thankful that where I totally blow it he steps in and meets my children's needs where I can't or haven't.

Mother's Day by the worlds standard is about putting our moms on display and thanking them for every thing they do and yet on Mother's Day it is a day that causes me to reflect on the gift that I have been given and the huge responsibility that comes with it.  It also is a day that I truly appreciated the gift that my own mom was to me.  The way she invested her time, energy and love into being a mom and the example she was and is to me.  I also appreciated Eric's mom and the gift I have been given because of her.  I am married to a strong, godly man who treasures me and affirms and encourages me as a mom.

On Mother's Day my heart aches for a mom an ocean away that gave life to my sweet Max.  A mom that knew she couldn't care for him and selflessly gave him a chance at life.  She gave me one of the greatest gifts I could have been give, a gift of a son.  I pray that God fills those places deep in heart and soul today that have a huge void because of having to lay her son down at a train station for a chance at a better life.  I pray that deep with in her soul she knows he is loved, healthy and happy.  I pray blessings on her life today.

China map with pink heart

This mommy heart also aches today knowing that our  little girl is born and an ocean away. I already have a deep love for a little girl I have never met or even seen a picture of.  A love that God has given me for a little girl he has handpicked for me to be mommy to.  It is mind boggling at times.  I can't wait to see God's plan unfold and I can't wait to see her face for the first time and then journey to China to have her in my arms forever.  God is writing her story and what a huge blessing that I get to be a part of it.  I get to be her mommy!


So today on Mother's Day I celebrate the gift I have been given, the gift and privilege of being a mom.  I have so many amazing moms on this journey with me and I couldn't do it without their love, influence, support example, and encouragement.

Psalm 127:3
Children are a gift from the Lord;  they are a reward from Him.

Happy Mother's Day!


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