Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eyes That Are Opened

A desire that Eric and I have for our kids is that their eyes may be opened to the world around them. We are blessed and so often take what we have and the way we live for granted. We pray that our kid's eyes and hearts would be opened to those around in need. We also pray that they can experience and appreciate other cultures and diversity around them. We want to expose our kids the beauty of other cultures and feel blessed that we had the opportunity to do that during our get away! 

shane shopping - leading line, rule of 3rds

This is one of my favorite pictures of our trip to Cabo with the kids. I feel like this pictures speaks for itself.

alexa shopping - leading lines

It was fun to see the kids eyes being opened to the Mexican culture as we journey to town most nights. We were staying at a beautiful resort but that is not the real "Mexico!" As they walked through the markets they took it all in and we were able to have great conversations with them along the way.

The markets in Mexico are such a fun experience.
  girls town - leading lines, perspective

We would spend about an hour or so each evening walking through the markets after dinner before heading back to our resort.
  town 3 collage

The kids had so much fun checking out all the amazing treasures.
  girls in cablo

They also experienced little ones coming up to them trying to sell them stuff right on the street. It is a way of life for the Mexican culture but once again a eye opener for our kids.
  food collage

They were troopers and tried new food!  Some nights they resorted back to chicken fingers and french fries but they did have fun trying new things. The classic nachos were a favorite of theirs.

town collage 4

The first night they discovered Shirley Temples and it was all over after that.  
    clown collage

At many of the resturants they had local people that would come in an try to entertain you with singing, magic tricks, balloon creations ... you name it. The kids thought the balloon guy was pretty cool.
  town collage 5

We had such an amazing time seeing the Mexican culture through the eyes of our kids. Their eyes were opened in a new way on our trip!


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