Monday, May 14, 2012

A Special Get Away

We decided to take the big kids on a special little get away to Cabo San Lucas. I wrestled a bit with the idea when Eric proposed taking them to the time share we have access to. I wasn't quite sure how I could leave Max behind but I also knew taking him would not be a vacation. Eric is so good about investing into each of the kids individually that he thought it would be good for us to have this focused time with our big kids. They have been such a huge help and blessing in bringing Max home and his adjustment. They have given of themselves and at times have had a little less of mom of dad because of the process. They can't wait to bring a little sister home and yet we know that as little individuals they too have needs that we need to meet and to continue to invest in them. We want to continue to foster an open and meaningful relationship with each of them.  I became more and more excited about our special get away as the time drew near. I knew Max would be fine and soak up every ounce of being spoiled and one and one attention from papa and grammy.  I just wasn't sure if he would wear papa and grammy out! 

This was the kids first trip to the ocean and to walk on a real beach. The couldn't wait to get to beach a look for shells. I loved just stepping back, snapping some pictures but most of all watching them take it all in!
  shane -night 1 blog

Shane wasn't sure if he should venture down to water first a check out the big waves or look for shells.

The kids would often stop in their tracks and look out over the ocean and take it all in.
  emma night 1-blog

They were so excited as they spotted new treasures that they gathered in their hands to take home.
  eric and kids -layers

This is one of my favorite pictures of Eric and kids as they were discovering new treasures together.
  Alexa - leading lines,thirds

I loved seeing the kids sense of wonder and awe as they discovered and took in this new piece of God's beautiful creation.
  eric and I

Emma snapped this picture of Eric and I and it was one of my favorite from our trip. Our faces pretty much say what we are feeling ... complete joy! What a blessing to have this time to get away from the business of life and soak up time together and have time with our big kids.


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