Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Daily Dose Of Jenga

I love my time with Shane. Yes, I miss my girls but I have really enjoyed my one on one time with my boy! I have tried to be purposeful with the time Shane and I spend together. I know all too soon he will be off to school and also know next year there will be a toddler demanding a little of my attention. Shane is so excited to have a brother but I am afraid his little brother just might rock his "I'm the center of my mommy's world!" This week Shane and I were hanging out at Barnes and Noble reading books and playing trains and he looked at me with his big brown eyes and said, "Mommy don't you just love spending time with me!" Yes I do my sweet boy!

One of the things that Shane and I do a lot is play games. We usually get a daily dose or two of Jenga. It actually is a great game for hand eye coordination. Shane is pretty diligent and continues to improve!

I love watching his little fingers at work!

Hmmmmm which one should I try to take out!

Slowly, Slowly ....

Look at the concentration in his little eyes!

Love those big brown eyes!

It is getting harder to find a piece that wiggles!

I love how the game changes each time!

Hoping this piece doesn't make it fall!

Can't wait for our game tomorrow!


Kathy said...

Don't you just love one on one time with your kids? It's my favorite.

I'm sure this is a very special year for Shane to have this time with you. I'll get to enjoy that with Kaitlin next year.

Great photos by the way. :)

Hope you're starting to thaw out and see some signs of spring!


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