Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shane's Art Show

This weekend Shane had his Art Show at preschool! He was so excited to show us the things he has been working on! He loves it that the girls get so excited to go visit his preschool with him.
 All week Shane has been talking about the Tea Pot he has been working on.  I couldn't wait to see what he had created! What a great Tea Pot Shane!

Shane's class also drew pictures that were then made into an apron.  A little girl in his class has a very talented mommy who has a little girls clothing line and she sewed their drawings as pockets on darling aprons.

Shane's final art masterpiece on display was a painting! 

There were various art stations that the kids could do.  Emma enjoyed making a Valentine's Day card.

Shane decided to forgo the sewing station and make up his own craft which was gluing pom poms to make a heart instead.

Alexa had fun sewing! 

Shane was showing Eric how he could draw a heart and then cut it out.

Daddy helped shift the paper a little.  Shane and Eric stayed at the Art Show and painted a tile that was going to be part of a wall at his preschool.  The girls and I took off for home to get fancy.  We had a couple things to get ready for Emma's Fancy Nancy Party that was right around the corner!


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