Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma

My Sweet Emma,
I can't believe that you are 6 today! I feel so blessed that God has picked me to be your mommy! As hard as it is from me to see you grow up and turn one year older it has been so much fun to see you grow this past year.  There are so many things that make you our sweet Emma and here are a few ....

You love life and life it to it's fullest!  You seem to attack life full on and enjoy everything about it! 

You have such a sweet bond with your brother and sister.  You are a wonderful big sister to Shane and he loves it when you play trains with him or house with him.  You and Alexa love hanging out together.  You care about each other and never get tired of playing together.  I can honestly say you don't fight but instead look out for each other and compliment each other so well.

You love your daddy!  You love spending time with him and going on special dates with him.  You love to play rough and tough and then turn around and cuddle on his lap!

Your smile lights up a room.  People are drawn to your personality.  You wake up everyday with a big smile on your face ready to face the day!  You are kind and compassionate and hate feeling like you are letting your mom or dad down.  

You are a girly, girl and love being pampered! You love having pretty nails and some lip gloss on your lips! 

You love to dress up as a princess and have tea parties.  You always say you feel so beautiful! You are beautiful my sweet Emma on the inside and the outside!

You are our fashion queen.  You pay attention to what is in style and have a definite opinion about what you want to wear! 

You played soccer for the first time this fall.  You approached it in true Emma style.  You thought it was so much fun but really loved the outfit and made sure you had a bow to match!

You have always been a doll lover. You still play house a lot and love being a mommy! I know you are going to be such a good mommy someday!

You love using your imagination and dressing the role when you pretend play.  You become a chef when you are cooking, you put your heals on and turn into a teacher when you do school work and of course you love being a princess.  You can often be found in some type of dress up clothes.

You have a sweet bond with your sister.

You love being a ballerina! It is right up your alley and you wish you could go to ballet every day!

You love going to school.  It has been fun to see you grow in so many ways already this year.  You love to read and are so proud that you can read big books like Alexa now!

You are our beautiful blue-eyed girl who has a heart for others.  I love listening to you pray at night.  You wear your heart on your sleeve! 

Emma this picture makes me think exactly who you are.  You love life, you attack everything with excitement, you always have a smile on your face, you love new adventures, you are carefree and you are full of energy.  I pray that God continues to mold you into the girl he wants you to be.  I pray that you have confidence to know you can do anything you sent your mind to.  I pray that you know that with God by your side you will soar in life.  
I love every ounce of you sweet girl! 
Happy Birthday


Shans said...

Happy Birthday to Emma! What sweet photos of your little girl! I hope you have a wonderful & fancy birthday party, looking forward to seeing the photos. Have a great weekend!

ji said...

WHat a sweet sweet post!!!!

Carey said...

Happy Birthday, Emma! Beautiful post, Mom.

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