Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Go Chargers Go

Tonight the girls were so excited to cheer at halftime of their school's girls varsity game.  They did a little cheer camp and then performed during the big game.  They were super excited for the big performance.  They were especially excited because their school was playing my old high school team and my brother coaches that girls varsity team.  So papa and grammy were there to watch as well.  

They were anxiously awaiting the  clock to run out so they could take the floor! 

This of course is right up Emma's alley so she couldn't wait! She especially loved the pom poms they got!

This is the group of Kindergarten and 1st graders that participated.  I was so bummed all my other pictures turned out awful.  I was also a little more into watch them than worrying about pictures and before I knew it it was over.  


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