Thursday, February 11, 2010


It feels like it has been a really long, cold, crazy winter! I told Eric this week I was going to pack our bags and head to the airport.  I was going to hop on a plane and head to the beach and beach school the kids the rest of the winter.  And then I was shaken back to reality.  I have a feeling we are going to live outside this spring and summer! Can't wait to see the flowers start to bloom.  Even thought it was freezing this week here are a couple things that made my days a little brighter! 

It was crazy cold like -5 when I took this picture but the sky was clear, blue and the sun was shining! It was so nice to see the sun shining! 

My husband left notes like this all over the kitchen! What a fun surprise when I opened different cupboards, drawers and the fridge!

Alexa was home this week with Strep Throat.  She wasn't feeling great but we sure enjoyed our morning together yesterday reading books and cuddling on the couch while Emma was at school and Shane was at preschool.  It isn't too often that I have morning of cuddling with my big girl.  It was a nice treat even though she was sick! 

I sure can't wait for spring but am glad there are things during these long winter months that make my days a little brighter!


Carey said...

I usually want spring to hold off just a tiny bit cuz Brandy gets so busy. I think I'll be ready this year! Just watched the weather, sounds like we're getting more snow this weekend. And we're supposed to go to SF! Hope it misses us. Sweet pictures, and hope everyone stays healthy at your house (even if it is fun on occasion!).

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