Saturday, February 13, 2010

On Saturday we decided to spend the day as a family and celebrate Valentine's Day! My morning was started with a Starbucks coffee in bed. If only every morning could start like that! Then we were treated with a big yummy breakfast by Eric.

At the breakfast table Eric had a rose for all of his girls ....

and a puppy for Shane. Shane named him Jo Jo McDonald!

We spent the day just hanging out together. We had a Candy Land tournament. Emma came out on top and I finished up in 5th place getting schooled by the other 4 members of my family.

Eric and I also had a Pinochle tournament.

Emma sported some heart socks for Valentine's Day!

We enjoyed a nice dinner together.

The kids loved drinking out of real glasses with fun straws!

Eric cooked up some yummy pasta with scallops and mushrooms!

Alexa is our pasta eater! She was loving life!

Shane thought the strawberries with whip cream were pretty tasty.

Emma was all smiles with her lip gloss and sparkly powder!

The girls got their Valentine's pj's on. Can you guess who had their pants rolled up? We had such a nice day just hanging out and spending time as a family. We didn't even break out the Valentine's aprons to do our Valentine's Day baking. We decided to spend our afternoon just relaxing. It sure was a great day!

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


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