Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shane Is Off To College

Shane was so excited to go to college on Friday.  His preschool class has been learning about and working with clay lately.  Their class got to go to college to visit Professor Punt and have a little class on clay from an artist.  

The kids loved watching Professor Punt work with the clay! 

The watched intently as he began to throw the clay! 

He got oohing and an applause when he was finished. 

We then walked over to Ben's wheel and watched him for some clay pieces using a Japanese technique.  He went to Japan for a year and learned from a family that had been making clay pottery for 16 generations.  He talked about how it originated in China.  Shane heard China and his ears perked right up.  He began telling Ben about his little brother in China!

Another piece of pottery Ben made for us!

They were mesmerized by Ben!

We then headed over the Art Gallery to check out the art!

Shane had a fun day at college and I am glad I was able to tag along!


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