Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Catching Up

This week I have been going through pictures from the last months. Like I said in my previous post there is nothing easy about walking through loss in your life when the world keeps spinning by at a rapid pace but you feel like you are standing still. As I combed through pictures this week there were so many different emotions. I was reminded of how truly blessed I am. I am so thankful for my kids and the way they just make you keep moving through life. The way they can make you laugh even when you don't feel like laughing. The way they can hug and love you no matter what. Eric has been such a huge support to me. He has loved me in such amazing ways and has been right by my side as we have walked this road. There are many days he has actually carried me. There were holidays that were hard and yet God continues to reveal himself in new ways to me! There were moments in pictures or things that happened that made me wish I could have shared those moments good and bad with my friend. So as I looked through pictures I realized that life has been foggy but it has continued on. There are memories, love, celebrations, smiles, field trips, fun and just life that has happened even a midst the grief.


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