Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Fun

In the afternoon we headed over to my parents. Grammy gave them their Easter baskets of goodies.

They were excited about new books, Zhu Zhu pets ....

lip gloss and of course new spring pj's!

I love this picture of Alexa and her cousin Bailey!

The kids then had an Easter Egg Hunt! It was so fun watching them run through the yard with big smiles in search of those little plastic eggs.

Of course when Uncle Justin is around there is always some type of fun going on!

The kids anxiously opened their eggs to see what kind of treats were inside.

The of course there was the 2nd appearance of the "Easter Pig!"The Easter Pig made his first appearance last year. The kids have been talking about it ever since. So once again he decided to make an appearance.

Shane didn't waste any time taking him down and trying to figure out who was inside!

There is nothing like finishing the day with a little Chocolate!


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