Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Night At The Circus

The Circus was in town so we decided that every child should experience the circus. Well let me take that back. Every child and adult should experience the circus. This was the both Eric and the kids first circus experience.

The kids got free tickets from their school so we met some friends there. Shane and Brietta spell one thing ... TROUBLE!!!!!!

Emma and Sidney are two peas in a pod!

A highlight was of course the cotton candy!

The kids were wide eyed as they watched each act. The kids thought the tigers were pretty neat!

I always think it is amazing they can get an animal that large to do the things they do but I guess that is why it is called the circus.

The puppies were just plain cute!

Shane loved the biker who did tricks. He watched very intently. Eric and I reminded Shane that we don't try to do those things at home .... for example we don't stand on the handle bars.

We had a fun time as a family at the circus!


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