Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Freedom

There is a new freedom at the McDonald house. Everyone is now riding a two wheel bike without training wheels. I have to tell you it does make this mom a little more nervous. They go a little faster now and feel like they have a little more freedom.

Shane was one determined little boy. He kept asking Eric to help him and in no time he mastered it.

Emma is so my daughter. She is so accident prone. She crashed into the basketball pole and the school. Luckily every time there were no injuries. There were just big smiles!

The kids are loving this new found freedom and would live on their bikes if they could.

This is Shane's classic bike riding face! His tongue is always out and he looks like he is concentrating so hard.

We have a great little route that Eric and I walk and kids ride bike. Eric sends them down different paths and then they meet up with us. We spent a lot of our evenings walking and talking while the kids circle around us. We've decided it is actually kind of like a mini date night.


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