Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Easter was the first holiday that I walked through on this journey. It was a tough morning. As I woke up and got ready and then got my little ones up and ready our friend Greg and his 3 kids were never far from our minds. Before church I couldn't help but think about how different their Easter morning looked with out their mom. The tears had started early and continued to fall during Church. As we sang songs about Christ's victory over death and the promise of new life the tears flowed. These words I have sung over and over again Easter after Easter and yet this year these words felt so different. They were so real if that even makes sense. There is something about worshiping and singing about heaven when someone you love is there. I just kept thinking about my friend and wondered what kind of celebration was going on in Heaven on Easter. I just can't quite imagine what worship is like in heaven especially on Easter. I can tell you this. I can't wait until I can really sing my heart out in heaven and it actually will be in tune and sound beautiful!
I usually love finding the kids Easter outfits and this year it just wasn't a priority. So a couple days before Easter I pulled out the girls dresses from the year before and low and behold they fit! The sweater sleeves were a little short but we just pulled them up! I hope I can find the balance of finding joy and having energy to pour into things that I enjoy doing but still able to let go of some things and not stress myself out with details that don't really matter.

How can these 3 little blessings not make your day a little brighter!

I just can't say enough how much Eric's love and support has carried me. In this difficult time God has truly blessed our marriage with an amazing strength. I pray we can continue to grow in the months to come.

After church we headed to Eric's sister's house for lunch. The weather was actually beautiful. You just never know what kind of weather Easter will bring in the Midwest. It could be sun, wind, rain or even snow! I was very thankful for beautiful spring day. The kids had tons of fun playing with their cousins. Here is Emma and cousin Callie!

We also had an Easter Egg Hunt! The kids were so excited.

I love this picture even though heads are chopped a little. I love their little faces and moving in every direction.

It was a nice relaxing day with family. There is always so much joy in watching the kids and their love for life!


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