Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Morning At The Breadsmith

I love going on field trips with my kids. I was able to go with Emma on her field trip to the Breadsmith. The Breadsmith is a little bread shop in town that makes wonderful bread.

The smell of fresh baked bread is something I could get used to.

The kids learned about all the ingredients that they used to make their bread. The bags of flour were a little larger than the ones the kids were used to seeing. The baker had the kids smell a few ingredients and try to guess what it was.

The got a tour of the kitchen and most of the kids were pretty impressed with the big mixer!

They each got a piece of bread dough to roll, squeeze, stretch and form.

The could make it into any thing they wanted.

Emma was busy working on her creation. It was fun to see the kids imagination take over. They really liked rolling it in the flour!

Emma's finished product was a bow tie.

And finally their masterpieces were put in the oven to bake and later that day they had the opportunity to eat their creation. It was a fun morning with Emma's Kindergarten class.


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