Thursday, October 7, 2010

2010 Homecoming Parade

Alexa and Emma's Christian School is K - 12. Last year is the first year they had varsity football so it was the first year they had a Homecoming Parade. The kids loved being part of the parade last year and this year was no different. Each grade level has its own theme so weeks ago the girls were wondering what their class was going to be this year.

Here come the First Graders!

I bet you can't guess who Emma is!

Then it was time for the 2nd graders. Of course all the parents are scanning the sea of blue for their child who is dressed in the same costume as the student next them. I finally caught Alexa. She was on the left side holding the sign.

There she is driving her little car! She gifted her car to Shane and he thinks it is the coolest thing ever. He often is found cruising around our house in it.

Of course the parade was a hit in Shane's book last year because of all the goodies he got. He was watching intently on who was coming next.

Cheerleaders and different floats were handing out candy, one business handed out pop, water and power-aid. The Pizza Ranch's van drove through and they handed out pizza. There were footballs, balloons and key chains. What a great day for Shane!

The girls were finished with School around 2 after the parade and it was time for the family fun festival. We spent an hour or so moving through the school playing games, doing the cake walk and jumping on the inflatables that were outside.


Kathy said...

I looked at the photo of the cheerleader and my mind flashed forward to Emma wearing that uniform years from now. Can you see it? :)

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