Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Fun At School

Today was Emma's Pumpkin Day at school. She was so excited. Last night as the girls were going to sleep I could hear Alexa filling Emma in on the details for the 1st grade pumpkin day. They are so fun to listen to.

The kids were excited to have breakfast in their classroom. They had pumpkin pancakes and bacon.

Another mom and I were on pancake making duty!

This was Emma's reaction to her first bite ever of pumpkin pancakes. She decided one bite was enough.

We then did centers. I helped the kids with Pumpkin Math and Science.

They did estimating and measure. Here Emma had to guess how long of string she needed to go around the pumpkin. Oops ... too short!

One of the kids favorites was guessing if a pumpkin floats or sinks. What do you think?

Most of us were surprised that a pumpkin actually floats.

The kids did various other centers that involved stories, coloring and sequencing the growth of a pumpkin.

Then it was time for pumpkin carving. All the kids helped dig all the seeds out of the pumpkin.

Emma thought it felt like a spider web. They all worked together to decide what our pumpkin face was going to look like.

And this was our finished product. Notice that one of his teeth fell out in the carving process. I guess it is pretty fitting for 1st grade. Most of them have missing teeth too!


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