Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Soccer Mania

This fall the kids all played soccer again. They participated in a club soccer program that was 6 weeks, one night a week for an hour. I loved it because we didn't spend our Saturday's running around to 3 different games on 3 different fields and then add practices through the week too. Instead we were able to park ourselves on one complex and walk from field to field to watch all three kids the same night. The main focus is on skills but the last 20 minutes they would play a game. The kids loved it and it was fun to see their little personalities come out.

Alexa again approached the season with determination and drive. She would practice in the back yard during the week trying to perfect her kicks. She loved the competition that some of the drills and games took on.

Emma surprised us this year. Last year she was more interested in how her socks looked and if she had a bow that matched her shirt. This year she turned into an aggressive little soccer player but of course had a smile on her face the whole time.

And I would have to say Shane showed maturity this year. Last year he could be found laying in the goal taking a break or off on his old field kicking goals. This year he was right there taking everything in. He played hard and had fun!

This was Alexa's typically look. The tongue is out and she is super focused on getting the job done.

Emma loved drills like bouncing the ball off her knee and head. She was pretty determined to get the moves down even if it mean messing up her hair.

And Shane would let out big cheer when he kicked that ball in the goal. Notice only in South Dakota are there cows in the background at a soccer game.

We had picture perfect Monday nights on the soccer field. The weather has been so amazing this fall.


Kathy said...

What a great way to do soccer--one night a week! That worked out so nicely. Isn't it fun to watch them start to "get it" and really play? Things clicked with Matthew too this year and it has been fun to watch. Although even at seven you can still find him swinging from the top of the goal. :)

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