Thursday, October 28, 2010


Every fall the kids look forward to a trip to Pumpkinland. We drive by it every time we go to my parents and more often than not they ask if it is open yet. When it does open we surely can't miss an afternoon of fall fun.

The kids obliged and took some pictures for me.

I can't believe how big they are getting. It is time to freeze time for a little while.

This picture is just to keep it real. Love all the poses. I thought it would be a great picture with all the flowers but there were bees flying around and they were looking right into the sun if you couldn't tell.

Every year the kids take a picture by the "How Tall This Fall" ruler. They are all so close in size. Just like little stair steps. At the rate Shane is growing he just may pass his sisters up.

More fun looking through all the cut outs.

The real fun begins when the cousins come though. The girls were anxiously watching for their cousin's van. Can you see the big smiles. Guess who just pulled up?

I love this picture of Shane giving grammy a quick kiss before he hops down to greet his cousins.

Then we were off to the petting zoo. Darby and Alexa are animal lovers so they made their way into the petting zoo a couple different times.

The two little blonds had fun with the animals too.

Shane and the little girls played on in the little playhouses and
wandered from place to place. Shane thought he was big stuff watching his little cousin Bailey. He looks so big compared to her. I guess now I know why his pants don't fit that we bought 2 months ago ... he is growing like a weed.

A highlight of Pumpkinland is the Munchkin Maze. See for yourself how much fun they had running through the corn. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!

Here is Emma showing off her battle scar. The corn stalk won!
When papa came it didn't take much talking for the kids to talk papa into going into the big corn maze with them. The moms and grammy said the little one was just fine. But papa said why not it will be fun. Don't you just love papa's. Little did he know it takes about an hour to go through the whole thing.
They found their way out early so we could head to papa and grammy's house for pizza.

When the big kids went with Papa to the maze Bailey found a new friend to play with. Isn't she the cutest little thing.

The visit always ends with the kids picking out something to take home. Alexa and Darby decided to go for the gourds this year.

Here is Bailey's pick!

Shane found a pumpkin and pulled it around in his little wheelbarrow.

Emma took her time finding the perfect treasure!

Another fun visit to Pumpkinland. We can't wait until next year. Just think next year there will be another little boy with all those girls. I can't wait!


Kathy said...

Looks like you had beautiful weather for your day out! I just love the pumpkin patch. And how fun that the kids got to share the day with their cousins. They are such a cute little crowd.

Carey said...

LOVE Pumpkinland! Great pictures. Neat how you stitched all their "how tall this fall?" pics together.

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