Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2nd Grade Pumpkin Day

Last week I was able to help in Alexa's classroom for Pumpkin Day. Alexa was so excited for the fun afternoon and wondered what 2nd grade Pumpkin Day was going to be like. When I arrived at school the kids were out at recess. I walked into her dark classroom and didn't think anything of it. I just figured the lights were out for recess. Well there was no electricity. There was construction going on in the area and they had hit a line. So her teacher was quickly trying to adjust just in case we were in for a dark Pumpkin Day with no ovens to cook the cookies. The kids filed in from recess with excitement for the afternoon of fun. So pumpkin day began. Ten minutes after we started the lights came on. What great timing! The kids cheered in delight!

The kids did a variety of centers. They measured and weighed pumpkins.

They helped gut the pumpkin and estimated the seeds in one of the pumpkins. Another mom and myself counted all those little seeds. Would you believe there were 425 seeds in one pumpkin.

We carved the pumpkins into a cross and a fish. Alexa's teacher read a little poem about letter our light shine for Christ so others can see the light in us just like we see a light in the pumpkin. We turned the lights off and the kids had a great visual of what it looks like to share Christ's light with others.

They did some coloring and gluing. This was one of their fun projects ... a scarecrow.

Then it was time to paint the pumpkin made out of dryer hose. These turned out so cute!

The finished product!!!!

And they saved the best for last. They finished the day by eating the pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting that they had mixed up, baked and frosted earlier.

I am so glad I was able to help in Alexa's classroom and enjoy a fun filled Pumpkin Day!


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