Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pajama Night At Preschool

Shane's preschool has a couple fun family events through out the year. This time it was pajama night. Shane was excited to take his sisters to his preschool in their pajamas for a evening of fun.

There were tables set up with different activities and it was also a time for the kids to show their parents their favorite things to play with or do in their classroom.

Pajama night just happened to be on the night that we have an extra little one at our house. This is sweet little Harper. Harper's mommy is a dear friend of ours and is a hair dresser. We help her out on Thursday evenings so she can work late. So Harper has come to our house almost every Thursday and some Saturday's since she was 5 weeks old. She just fits right in and goes where we go. The kids love having her around. They fight over who gets to play with her, hold her and feed her. I often have to give the kids a time-out from Harper so Harper can catch her breathe a little with out someone coming at her from every direction with a different toy. It is so fun to see Harper squeal with delight when she sees the kids.

Shane was pretty excited that Harper got to be part of his fun night.

There was also a doctor that spoke to the parents about the importance of sleep and sleep patterns. I listened to the first part and it sounded so interested. Harper was getting tired so was either fussing a little or was talking so loud just so others knew she was in the room. The doctor presenting was going over a sleep study that was done over a year ago. She was taping it and hoping to put in on web so others can watch it. I am excited that I will be able to hear the presentation since it didn't work out with my 4 little munchkins.


Carey said...

How fun that siblings can come in their pjs too! I bet they were excited! Summer has similar "monkey" pjs from cute!

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