Friday, October 29, 2010

Harvest Party

The kids always love the Harvest Party at church in the fall. The kids were encouraged to dress like Bible characters. They could wear their Halloween costumes if they were appropriate. Of course when you have a first born like Alexa who is a rule follower you had to come up with Bible Characters if that is what it says on the sheet. Lucky for this mom she is also creative so took her and her siblings costumes into her own hands.

She came up with Shane, the lion for Daniel and the lions den. Emma, the angel who came to Mary and she was Mary with Baby Jesus.

Shane and his buddies Buzz and Woody! These 3 are going to be trouble as they get older. They love each other like brothers and have way too much fun together.

The kids love all the games and the candy that comes with them. Here is Emma digging for pennies.

Alexa playing the duck game!

I have to say he makes a pretty cute lion!

Shane concentrating on trying to get the ring around the bottle to set it up! The kids had another great evening at the church Harvest Festival!


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