Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Arizona Grande

Eric flew in on Thursday to join for a weekend of fun in Arizona.  We spent two nights at a wonderful resort in Phoenix that had a fun water park.  Our friends all joined us Saturday night.  We had rooms right next to each other so we had fun in the water and the sun during the day and then were able to hang out in the evening even after the kidos were down.  We had a fun weekend that went way too fast! 

This is all of us on the way to the water park minus Eric since he is the one taking the picture! What a gang! The kids had so much fun together! 

Shane loved being thrown around by Eric! Daddies are always so much more fun in the water than mommies are!

Emma by the fountains trying to escape the big spray! 

Fun in the tubes in the Wave Pool!! The kids and adults also spent some time relaxing on the Lazy River.  
Emma and Alexa jumping over the big waves in the Wave Pool! I love these action shots! 

We had checked out of room on Sunday so we used the Spa and Fitness Room bathrooms to shower and get ready in before we hopped on the plane.  The girls thought it was just the best.  They each sat in a comfy, wicker chair wrapped in towels to dry their hair.  There was lotion and cotton balls and q-tips for them to use after they had showered.  Alexa  looked at me while she was swinging her hair back and forth and drying it and said, "I feel like such a mommy!"  If only mommies all had bathrooms like that I thought and the time to really pamper ourselves as we get ready!! After Eric saw the pictures he said no wonder it took you guys so long to get ready!  I know we were just enjoying a little girl time!


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