Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tip Toe Through The Tulips

In May we went to the annual Tulip Festival in my home town.  It is something my kids look forward to each year.  They love going to Papa and Grammy's house first of all that is a treat in itself.  They also love the rides and the food that come with the festival.  One of their other favorite things is scrubbing the streets.  A lot of the local people dress up in their dutch costumes to scrub the streets.  The streets need to be scrubbed before every parade before the queen and her court come through! The kids love getting their costumes on that grammy had made and head to the park to scrub the streets.  I'm not sure they love all the pictures we make them take before the festivities begin!

The tulips were beautiful this year.  You never know with the unpredictable weather of the mid-west if they will be blooming at the right time.  They were amazing this year!

Shane knew just how this picture thing was supposed to work.  When we got to the park he laid down and this was his pose for his first photo.  Look at those eyes do they look like trouble or what?

Emma is our 100% looking little Dutch girl!

Papa and Grammy with their six little Dutch girls and one Dutch little man! 

My three little Dutch blessings!

Alexa smelling the tulips in the tulip beds.

I love this picture of Emma! 

Who couldn't love that little Dutch face?


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